Hive Hatch

Hive Hatch, a venture capital firm and studio with roots in New England and South Florida, invests financial, human, and social capital in early-stage founders to help them validate, build, and launch their SaaS startups.

Founded by Mike Rowan (co-founder of Joy Labs and former VP of SendGrid) and Isaac Saldana (co-founder of Joy Labs and co-founder of SendGrid), our team brings over 30 year experience in the startup ecosystem. Combined, Mike and Isaac have founded and held leadership roles in 15+ companies from inception through IPO/Acquisition. Most notably, the IPO/Acquisition of the largest transactional email platform in the world, SendGrid in 2017, followed by the company's successful acquisition by Twillio in 2018.  Both partners launched Techstars Studio, with Techstars founder David Cohen in 2018.

The Hive Hatch portfolio includes: Boatrax, Hive Identity, Rising Tide Network Fund, LeadIQ-6, Naologic, AnswerBite, Pacto, Praise, Nimbus Web, and Ultimate Games.


Want to talk funding? We invest in founders of SaaS startups regardless of location in the pre-seed and seed stage.


Our team can help you validate and build your product. We can be your partner.