As co-founder and managing partner of Hive Hatch, Mike is passionate about investing in founders at the earliest stages of their journey. A disruptive innovator with a proven track record of designing, building and leading teams, he not only provides capital investment but also mentors and partners with them. Coupled with his deep technical background, Mike helps founders refine and validate their vision.

One of Mike’s biggest professional challenges was to create his own ISP back in 1994, pre-Google. Since then, he has designed and launched several lab / studios, such as SendGrid Labs, Techstars Studios, Joy Labs and Hive Hatch. A crucial player in the development of countless successful products, Mike brings 25 years of business expertise to the table, with a focus on startups, SaaS and B2B. His notable accomplishments include the IPO / acquisition of the largest transactional email platform in the world: SendGrid in 2017. He was also a key stakeholder in taking SendGrid through acquisition by Twillio in 2018.

Mike loves working with the diverse, talented Hive Hatch team with colleagues he has known for decades, and through several successful startup ventures. Together they help creators connect the dots in technology, molding their ideas into scalable, disruptive businesses.

A native of the surf town of Narragansett, Rhode Island, Mike considers himself a feisty but compassionate leader. When he’s not helping founders, he enjoys golf and working on his small farm.

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